Cookies Disclaimer

To ease customer use and enjoyment of our website, makes use of cookies. When you access you are allowing us to create and use cookies to improve your website experience. The data gathered to make the cookies will not design a personal profile of you. We do not store any data about you when devising the cookies that will impair your security on our site or on the web.

Definition of Cookies

When you access a website or use an application on your computer or mobile device, a cookie is created and downloaded as a text file. When you return to the same website or application in the future, the cookie works with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to enhance your browsing. It does this by relaying the cookie to a website or an application every time you visit. The information in the cookie helps the website recover your user preferences and details of what you viewed on the site or used on the application during your earlier visit. This can speed transitions among web pages on a site and reduce or eliminate the number of times you need to enter information.

Cookies Analyze Your Use of Our Site

We work hard to keep helpful and pertinent to the users of our site. To do this, we analyze data relating to how people use our site. We can identify the most popular pages and features of our website, and can pinpoint where viewers experience the most errors. We also compare different versions of some of our pages and functions, and make decisions based on data received to help us choose the best versions for your future use.

Other companies may assist us in deciding how to best order and present our website, through analytics software. They do these services for us by using images like “web beacons” and “tracking pixels” to add up the times a page has been viewed or a feature used. During the analysis, cookies may be formed and stored on your computer or mobile device. No personal information about you is collected or used during these analytical or cookie creating activities that identifies you.

Cookies Placed By Third Parties

Occasionally may choose to partner with third parties to improve your experience on our site. We may also embed some content from others’ websites such as YouTube or Google. When these features and information are shared with you, cookies may be created and stored. Other activities that may set cookies include a button like the Facebook or Twitter buttons on our website. Likewise, a cookie may be made and stored through the service you select to share content or let other know you like something you find on our site.

Choosing to Opt Out

In order to opt out of having the cookies concerning your experience on created and stored, you must change the cookie settings on your browser. Unless you do so, we will assume you agree to our creation and use of cookies to ease your use of our website.